Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends

by Will Samson



31st December 2011: Although Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends was not released until this Summer, it was actually around early December 2010 when I finished recording it. So much has changed since then (externally and internally) that I feel like it could have been made by a different person.

Although some of the more negative reviews would have you thinking so, it is not a sad record for me - rather just a document of time & first real attempt at singing. Lyrics were never overthought - most of the time I just pressed the record button on my 8-track and sung whatever came out. There was a heavy weight of anxiety that needed to be lifted. Yes, I was a little heartbroken, lonely & self absorbed…but there is still alot of hope & joy in there (for me at least). It is perhaps, quite ironic that these “sad songs” have brought so many happy experiences to me, and continue to do so.

I could carry on trying to explain that recording period, but as the saying goes, “writing about music is like dancing about architecture”…so I will leave it at that.

Thank you for listening,


1. My Broken Mirror
2. Panda Bears
3. Meet Me At Home
4. Find Me In The Ocean
5. Violins & Polaroids
6. Sleeping
7. Friends
8. Great Plains


"Berlin-based Will Samson presents a fragile blend of acoustic pop and ambient electronics through Japan's Nature Bliss/PLOP records - home to music from Rod Modell and F.S. Blumm. 'Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends' is a very canny blend of falsetto vocals strongly reminding of Tom Krell's HTDW album, with tender acoustic guitar, the most tingling brand of lo-fi electronics and decayed piano ambience. We can imagine quite a lot of people falling deeply in love with this release. Check!"
- Boomkat (UK)

"The subtle blend of shimmering guitar, brittle piano and haunting electronics, with the hushed whisper of Samson’s sweet voice results in a seamless album that is intricate and considered, and eerily mesmerizing. It’s rare to find an album so complete, so of itself."
- Fluid Radio (UK)

"Backed by a mix of delicately pealing electric guitars and mandolin-like acoustic strums, Samson weaves his multi-tracked vocals—a lovely harmonic blend of falsetto and baritone pitches—into eight entrancing song settings....a haunting collection of songcraft best heard either in the early morning hours or the depths of night"
- Textura (CA)


released July 25, 2011


Photo by Daniel Gonzalez Fuster

Recorded & Mixed by Will Samson (June - Dec 2010)
Mastered by Corey Fuller




Will Samson England, UK

tape machines / mountains / sun

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